Saturday, November 10, 2012

Haircut Mojo!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
For the last few weeks,my Abah (Aulia's grand dad) keep giving me this little hints..."I think her hair is getting too long..she need a haircut"..Since hubby is not around so I was not bothered to think about it...and there are some reasons why I don't want Aulia' to have a haircut..because she look so cute with all that hair, absolutely melt my heart when I comb it..and I can tie it like 'Boo' style. 
Getting Aulia' to the salon could be a nightmare experience to me..Her hair is somewhat a touchy subject! You can comb her hair-that she love so much but the minute she sees you having a hair clip or worst- a pair of scissors, all hell break loose..She will scream in MOST dramatic manner and run off! Sigh! Guess I'm not going to be facing a toddler who can happily sit in a hair salon anytime soon while ibu gets a nice hair wash. 

Later this week, Aulia' keep rubbing her eyes because the hair is getting longer on the front and I decided to just cut her hair myself..I cut it just above her eyebrows. It's really time consuming I can tell you that especially when you're trying to balance off that fringe. Sounds easy but it's actually a hard work and testing my patience. Somewhat,I did it!!

When she finally realize what I've done, she'll just give me a cock stare but whatever, TOO LATE BABY GIRL!

Kudos to Ibu for doing a wonderful job!


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