Friday, November 30, 2012

Carnaval Churrascaria

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Last week we had an invitation from our boss, Mr. Achmat Nadhrain for a departmental dinner.This is the third time I join in with the whole Renewable Energy team for official makan-makan. So we had this dinner session at a weird place named Carnaval Churrascaria, (I still had a problem of pronouncing this restaurant's name) somewhere near to the Atria Mall in Damansara Jaya SS22, Petaling Jaya.

Carnaval Churasscaria is one such Brazilian Restaurant, decked out with Brazilian national colour of yellow and green. It is a brazillian style where all the meats are grilled and the waiter come to each table with knives and skewered meat and slice it for us.. For non-MEAT lovers, you may opt for the non-meety buffet..they actually have rice, pasta, potatoes, salads and some seafood.
For those who loves garlic bread, you should try their garlic bread which mixed with cheese..Two thumbs up!! yummy!

Some pictures on Brazillian Dance Samba as an ambience in their restaurant complete the atmosphere that you are really in Brazil now!

The waiters which is called Passadors was move very fast.. They don't even stop when we wanted to snap their picture holding the skewer. But I understand that they need to move fast as the tables quite occupied that night. So here some pics that I managed to snap.

I tasted all of them including chicken sausages, prawn, garlic bread, lamb shoulder, garlic lamb, chicken and fish fillet. The waiter will come around the table with a long skewer, and if you want them, they'd carve you a slice there and then.  I kept thinking the guy was going to cut me or something- the carving knives looked bloody murderous. But they were real professional (and tolerant of my lame jokes)

Our Boss, Mr. Achmat Nadhrain..

Girls will  always be girls..Us striking a pose at Carnaval Churrascaria after the end of dinner session.

Overall it is an interesting place for gathering provided the good service and nice food.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Foundry@ Section 17, PJ

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

I discovered Food Foundry in Section 17 after my intern trainee, Atikah bring us here for lunch three months ago..Its actually a flat building but surprisingly, such awesome cafe exist:)

Lately I've been craving for Vanilla Crepe Mille and I was thinking, why not I just dragged my colleague to have our lunch here..

...and here we are..
Food Foundry at Happy Mansion Section 17 Petaling Jaya..

  Saw the small house Deco on the wall? Cute isn't it?

Happy Bird Sad Cat!

Food is served!!

My Carbonara Pasta..
Finally after begging a slice, I managed to taste a slice and I can understand the fuss about it as it's really nice for it's light and fluffy texture..

Vanilla Mille Crepe, RM9.00. It tasted as good if not better than the over-rated one at Nadeje, Melaka. Awesomely goodness!! Indulge the rich and creamy Vanilla Mille Crepe can easily blown you away, whee! I just can't stop admiring the Mille Crepe before eating it!

Aglio Olio Paste, RM 18.00

Meatball Pasta, RM 19.00

Clipboard Menu:)

Carbonara Pasta, RM18.00

Soup of the Day, RM10.00

Well, the food here is not that cheap to be considered as daily meals, but definitely affordable enough for occasions when you need to have your cravings just like mine! But the best thing about Food Foundry besides loving their Mille Crepe is that, they do not charge service fee or tax!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thepoplook Instagram Competition

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hello again thepoplook lovers!! Wanna stand a chance to grab RM600 store credit?? Check these out... 

I myself wanna try out! Hopes to get lucky this time around :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second year..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Neither of us can't really believe that two years has passed since our wedding day. Over these years, I've learned few things about marriage (and of course,I am still learning.) Be a united front to your child. Say thank you to each other. 
These years has been filled with activities and busyness, some tears, some pain, a lot of laughter, some memories, and a huge amount of change for everybody.  But, Alhamdulillah..we have come through it all..and a unique family identity is definitely being established..slowly but surely..

At the end of our second year of marriage, we are grateful for:

  • Allah S.w.t for blessing us with a wonderful family, our love life, and our wonderful colour life..
  • Both of our parents and siblings for their unconditional love, supports, and relaying infinite life lessons throughout our marriage life.
  • Our precious gift from Allah s.w.t..Nur Haninda Aulia' who is always be the adorable one in our heart.
  • Friends, the best-test friends who always tells us that it would be okay when me and my husband was far away in distance, calm us down, listening and supporting us. It was a great help in most difficult time. 

Alhamdulillah..for the two years..and pray for many more to come..In sya Allah..

CFH Farewell Lunch

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

This morning CFH (my AGM) called me in the meeting room. Alone. and I was like, okay..maybe this is regarding my appraisal. *Positive thinking*...*Nervous*. 

CFH was sitting in front of me when he first started the conversation by asking me how long I've been working in total. Well then  I answered him that I've been working for about five years.. He paused. 

Okay boss, don't paused!! you're making me nervous right now! Just tell me what is this all about. 

He smile, then he told me that he's been working for almost 20 years years..I nodded my head, trying to understand what exactly he want to explain. He then popped out the news. "I'm resigning from the company. Not because of the work load pressure but I've something better to do out there."

"I will inform you where and when I'm leaving.." 

"I'm really sorry to hear this boss, I respect your decision, but honestly we're sad that you're leaving real soon.."

"Never mind..don't be sorry, people may come and go, but truly, I love this place, I love you guys..I really hope that we can keep in touch afternoon I'll belanja you'll for lunch okay haa" (Speaking with his Chinese accent)..
I guess this is the end of my boss journey with Cypark. He'll end his contract by the middle of December and the GM En. Achmat Nadhrain will take over his place.

So today afternoon, we had a farewell lunch  with all the LTM team at Secret Recipe@Phileo Damansara 1.

The exuberant mommy.

Love birds ~ Syamin & Sharrazaq

" Remember me with a smile that warms a heart. Remember me for the miles we walked together and got lost to find new paths. Always remember me for the good."

We will :)

xoxo ShemaAulia'

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gone Again

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

My beloved is leaving me. Today. He is packing his bag and heading to the east.No,he's not off to fight for freedom. No, he's not trading me in for a newer, kinder model. This fatty handsome is chasing the ka-ching ka-ching $$$. And I'm not thrilled about it. Oh, sure, it's not like he won't be back..In six weeks he'll arrive on my door step, eager to please, with his fists full of cash. Well, not really...Much more likely, he will slink back in the middle of the night, drop his luggage (in the middle of the the living room), and sneak into bed.  Six weeks is along time for me to not have 'me time'. Six weeks of parenting my lil munchkin. Six weeks of not having anyone farting in bed, hehe!
You're gone again, take care my dearie..see you in next six weeks!

p/s: please don't eat Maggi, get Jason Blair to cook whatever healthy food for you..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Graduation S.I.L

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Owmagadd..babe you're officially a degree holder!! Haha..I much SWAG!
But really.We're all pretty sure you was really excited about getting your degree..After 4 years + several months of hard works, tough assignment, sleepless night, rage at you lappy for lagging while rendering work and so much more..All the sweat for the last 4 years, paid off!

CONGRATULATION to you,Nor Syahirah Nordin on your Bachelor of Accountancy!!

Mak Yang happy face in her Hogwarts robe!

"oyeahh I finally manage to get this from mak yang..I'm a graduate now ibu..snap my photo now!!"

Guess this is the end of Uni it's time for work life babe,good luck!

xoxo ShemaAulia'
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