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The Sweet Promises:)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

I know it's only October, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to plan ahead, so I am already making notes of holiday vacation with my husband and my lil' munchkins. Since my husband is away for six month and he only comes back on February or March next year, So I'm left alone to do all the listing and all the booking things. Ow my! mcm xpercaya lah kan hubby nak bawak jenjalan, since he said..""sorry yang,I didn't spend much time with you and Aulia' so I've planned to bring u jalan-jalan next year,But I'll let you choose which place you want to go..I already ask the our travel agent to send the quotation and email it to you.."" ..and I was like Yes!yes!yes! Ssssronooknyee dpt jalan..because my colleague at the office already booked dates for holiday vacation, and  I je yang x book any date for next year. Boleh?Mak jeles! goes my listing..

Hubby, if you read this..I wish to go here...

And here...

owh ni pon okay...

Lagi best kalau bawak pegi sini...

Wahh mak! macam-macam tempat nak pegi..bole?
Well, I have a confession to made. Sometimes I get numb and insensitive when repeating my daily routine over and over again.. This sweet promises of my husband for a family vacation getaway is perfect to clear things out of my mind..

Well, in my case, my world has been changed upside down since hubby left for his job be frank, its kinda tiring and weekdays can be so awful..Don't lose hope! Guess this is going to be a super tough war.. Everyone needs a break,so do I...

*Hati Berbunga-Bunga nak pegi holiday..Wink!wink!*

xoxo ShemaAulia'

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