Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mandatory Aulia' picture of the day:)

Okay, Done!

Farewell and Keep in touch!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

The girls at the office planned to do a farewell party for our intern today, so we decided to have some sort of farewell lunch at Taman Tun to celebrate her last day.. This intern student I was talking about was so kiasu at the office! Her name is Nur Hashimah..and she actually spelled her name S.h.e.m.a.

Shema has dedicated her three months of her internship in our department by helping out the RE teams with their solar and biogas projects..

I bet she so 'rajin' at the office so our boss offer her to continue working with the company..however she refuse to continue her service here, hah so berlagak this girl..yep not to mention she actually had a crush with my brother-in-law! So funny this girl..

Anyway, you was a pleasure to work with and we wish you a bright future ahead and a very successful journey for your long and keep in touch.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things that make me happy:)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Today my mom need to go to the clinic for a medical check up..So i was thinking i'd better utilize my remaining leaves and have a longer rest after the eid's holiday...I'm planning to do more random stuff...Since yesterday I'm back to the office after lunch (i was on half-day leave), everyone was in such a shifty mood..Then for some reason everyone around me was beaming with gloomy auras and kept on having bad luck including me. I had this arguments with my so called superior about the technical proposal of a new project i'm working on right now..duh! This has been going on for 10 months and its not being sign by the government yet because they keep changing it time by time!. Seriously this repetitive works make me sick! Yep,now i'm complaining for the work i'm being paid of. okay okay i'm sorry:(..It just brought up the worst mood out of me, not to mention I'm on my period and ladies, u know how I feel right?

So today I decided to cheer myself up by cleaning up my wardrobe..(Okay I know this is so lame!)..I arranged my scarf and clothes to its matches colours .and wall-ah  I felt happy again..Its wonderful to watch your own wardrobe in a nice, proper arrangement with harmonious colour you can simply think of.

 Aulia' was helping me with the arrangement by messing up the scarf everywhere in the room while I opened up her favourites "twinkle twinkle little star" song..we was dancing here and there, laughing and jumping...and we did enjoy our time..Then of course, I suddenly felt like a total retard once I realize Aulia' has been staring at me when I was doing that silly star jump..haha!

You see, being spontaneous brings out the positive side of you. Well, at least for me..not so long after that, I had received email from hubby..

Yeay! it's shopping time!! Hubby told me that he wants to bank in some amount of money into my bank account..hurray! Plus he said this "Last but not least, take care of yourself, don't be stressed. If you have something in mind, just tell me.I want to reward you something since you have tough period during my absence...Love u sayang!" if we wasn't far in distance, I would already be running to him to give a bear hug:) ..-face turn red-

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Typical Mommy's bag!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

This morning I was looking for my hand phone and I barely can't remember where did I keep it. And I was thinking, oh! maybe its in my handbag..I better go and check! Okay, checked one: Car keys..checked two: Fossil purse (it's actually old enough to be a fossil now!)..checked three: Estee Lauder makeup purse..checked four: My goodness! there's a biscuits in my handbag, and it was red ants everywhere okay!! hate this..arggh very typical mom's bag..I remember when we was heading to KL yesterday from Ipoh, Aulia' and papa was eating biscuits in the car.. yep! Now I remember how the biscuits safely landed in my handbag. Its look like a giant pink garbage plastic bag huh.sigh:(

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oven Baked Potatoes for Aulia'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Today is the 2nd day of Aidiladha..and papa went out to surau for Aulia's Aqiqah (yep! papa manage to come back to celebrate AidilAdha with us)..Since all the dishes for this Raya event is only lemang, Rendang, curry mee and I was thinking there's nothing that Aulia' can eat, so I decided to baked potatoes for my lil munckin'..

Anyway, this is my first attempt of baking Oven Baked Potatoes for Aulia'..I only used a small amount of potatoes, thought better not risk wasting too much if it goes wrong!

So there you go my first attempt...this is super easy to make!

Cut cloves of garlic into slices..

Heat up Olive Oil and stir up garlic until the oil is infused with the garlic smell. Then filter out the garlic. You only take the olive oil..

Cut potatoes into wedge shape, and boil it for 10 minutes..

Pre-heat oven to 220 degree C..Mix the garlic-infused olive oil with a pinch of salt and black pepper with the boiled potatoes wedges.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 220 degree C..I flipped the potatoes halfway of the baking process to even the browning. you go..Oven Baked Potatoes Wedges for Aulia' is ready to served!

xoxo Shema Aulia'

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Hijab Story

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...(Peace be upon you)

Being me, ever since I was very little, I grew up in a Malay communities. All my friends, neighbours, and teachers were Malay and I was a completely born as a Muslims. My dad is 36 years old Malay man when he married my mum, a 25 years old Pakistani women who lived in Malay communities. They met at the Embassy of Pakistan where my mum work in the Accountability and Secretarial Department. I was raise with fully Islamic way, Jemaah prayers with mum and dad (Even-though I do not know anything about prayers at that point of time; just imitate what's the adult were doing), start to read Muqadam when I was 6 years old and by the time I was 8, I already  recite Al-Quran fluently (I bet I've did some mistake tho). I am proud of that.  Thanks to my extreme fierce dad!

I remember when I was 9, my dad asking me when I am going to wear the headscarf, not wanting to disappoint him I said I would when I enter primary 6 (aged 12). This, however came and went and I was relieved that he didn't bring it up again for a while..(I really hope that upon reading this you don't judge some of my decisions in the wrong way-Halal or Haram, whatever I did in terms of hijab felt like the right thing to do at that time). 

Fast forward 11 years later, when I first graduated from Uni, back then in 2008, I started my first job. I was still scarf-less by choice. I was like so fashionista with the shoes, handbags and accessories addicted person who love to fill up their wardrobe with nice dresses and stylish. I was enjoying straightening my hair (Somewhat I didn't dye my hair; fact that Wudu' is not legitimate when water cannot penetrate your hair because of the dyes chemical etc.. ). Although I didn't wear a hijab, I did cover everything but my hands, face and hair. Honestly, I do feel inferior without the hijab and the older I get, the more feel the desire to wear the hijab. For a longtime hijab and I had one of those on and off relationships. So one day I decided to be more serious on this. Yes, on May 2010 I became a hijabi and I'm happy to announce that I haven't tried taking it off or even thinking about taking it off since.

It's pretty amazing to me that I now have logical, spiritually and emotionally and socially beneficial guidelines for creating a wardrobe. It just makes so sense to me. It is really comforting knowing the fact that I can buy clothes with a purpose. I feel like what I'm doing is good, as opposed to arbitrary. I am happy that Allah Subhanawataa'la has guided me to the right path.

To think back, there were a lot of questions I had, and always thoughts of doing the right thing followed by my whims to not give up my so called "Freedom".  I do got experience being criticize by some people around me but Alhamdulillah, I made everything became really firm of what I am doing. But kid you not, I still had a fight ahead of me. There were days of frustration, that I felt that my face looked a little fatter, or that my scarf made make me look really clumsy.

What I can say is that..Give everyone a chance. Yes, do remind and advise, but be tactful and be kind with your words. Because when you say mean words to people under the pretext of advising, it is a reflection of your inner self that no headscarf can cover that. Only Allah s.w.t can judge. Bottom line is, we all know hijab is our way of life and we're all striving for excellence in God's eyes.

So try to not just look at people's heads because that is only a fraction of hijab.

xoxo Shema Aulia'

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Hidden Talent of Mine..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Sometimes, after sustaining a brain tortured from the office, a hidden talent of mine is revealed..I really think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning..Probably because I slept on the wrong side of the bed last night. This pesky wrist pain I'm having right now is kinda making my life a bit difficult. But still, carpal tunnel syndrome or not (Please let it be "not"..) I still am happy because today I did something really great..Something momentous .something I can consider an accomplishment..Something remarkable..Something..worth BLOGGING about..

Today, I PAINTED a woman...
A woman, which describe myself, waiting for her husband to come back from far away place. I would like to name it as INTIZAAR.. an Arabic word, which means "Waiting"..

Okay, shoot me now for making an overly excited over something as menial as amateur primary school students painting..
Painting and art has been one of my hidden talents as a child (Go ahead, smack your forehead with your palm, I like it!) used to make me feel so matured, so creative and have so much know-how on arts and stuff. Just like my childhood pride of being able to paint the wall and did collage using the potatoes..or build a barbie doll house using the shoe boxes..Maybe I really am an artist trapped in an engineer's body..whatever...

I used to be so proud of my ability to display all my art works in my old house..up until I was fifteen..So priceless..And guess what? I still am very proud of myself and this "talent" of mine. If only my 'Abah' allowed me showcase this in the Art Gallery..I would have been famous now. 

I believe that all people have talents. Some write good, some draw good, some hug in wonderful way, some take gorgeous pictures, some are really good with kids, some have a lovely voice (those I envy!), some are good talkers, some are good listeners (believe me, that's a great talent!)..

I would in any way encourage Aulia' to appreciate her own talents. I would exposed her to creativity, develop her own taste and her own preferences. Somewhat.... I believes that arts develop the genius brain ever!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Ob...Obsession!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

The first things ever came to my mind every morning when I need to go for work everyday is, WHAT SHOES DO I NEED TO MATCH WITH MY ATTIRE TODAY?? 

Well, if only I can wear Slippers at the office, which I only use slippers kalau pegi tandas or surau- it would be the utmost and happiest places I wanted to be. However...apart of slippers which is easy to wear and comfortable, I actually love Shoes or specifically I can say High Heels shoes.I do love high heels so much and it is my obsession...What I love most is to browse for shoes and to try them on. It can take me hours of entertainment..

I heart shoes. Those are fabulous!!

Love Love in my closet..

A co-worker of mine, Alya just sent me the link to this blog and at the sight of such  a magnificent shoe closet, I literally gasped out loud:)   Seriously, though, my addiction...err my not quite that big, but it's getting there...My husband shake his head and rolls his eyes every time I bring home another pair, but he understands that this is the one way I really spoil myself. I'm thrifty to the point of being obnoxious when it comes to groceries, furniture  electrics, etc. But when it comes to shoes, I simply can't help myself.  And I've been known to build a whole outfit around a mildly ridiculous, totally sassy, doesn't-go-with-anything-else-I-own-but-I-simply-have-to-have-them pair. I've been a shoe obsessed from a very young age, and my love for Sex and the City only served to encourage my fetish. So why do I do it? Because life can be so serious, that sometimes we all just need something that reminds us to lighten up.

Are you shoe obsessed too? I am! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aulia' & the GYMBOREE Class!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

I know when parents are talking about their child's play school and early education, I bet they are definitely talking about the best one..well, Gymboree is one of my lists. As a busy working mom, I couldn't spend much time with my lil' munchkin. And hubby were also not around until next year..I feel sorry for that. If I have preferences, I would bring Aulia' for week days classes and spend more time with her. Who wouldn't anyway? 

So today we went to Gymboree Tropicana City Mall...and arrived quite early so there was only one little girl about 3 y/o age were playing in the open gym class. Some of my friends did mentioned that normally the weekend classes is crowded. Well, guess were lucky today! 

Aulia's session was at 2.55 p.m. So this is us before the class started, and she get a name tag patch on her shirt..and met new friend too!

Aulia' tend to be shy at first but later when she sees other friends coming, she get super excited! Since Aulia' can now walk and run, she can catch up with many activities here. There was a lot of singing and movements at the ramps, climbers and slides..we started with Gymbo the Clown gathering where all the parents need to accompany their baby and sing along together on the parachute...

I am so glad that I took Aulia' to her Gymboree class today. I think she will benefits her from this class in so many ways. She can get socialise with other babies at her age and the most important is that, I'm trying to get my lil' girl to be independent playing on her own and to get some sense of mother-daughter bonding time together during the weekends. 

Aulia' was having great times at Gymboree..

Well, I have nothing much to complain, I manage to set aside time specifically for Aulia' even though Papa didn't get to be with us today. Sometimes its hard to do in this crazy, never-ending job we live in. But Alhamdulillah, my lil' munchkin getting very independent day by day..and after the class ended, we're ready to eat a horse!

To parents who are interested to enroll your children at Gymboree, kindly browse at or you can call up for appointment at 03-7710183:)

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Feel Blessed!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

As I said..the romantic, my husband. dandan nak tido, he send me smses..rindu lettew! Anyway, I feel blessed with this marriage and all the things, thick and thin that we've been through right now, semoga Allah memberkati kehidupan kita..Amin..

Nyte hubby!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sweet Promises:)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

I know it's only October, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to plan ahead, so I am already making notes of holiday vacation with my husband and my lil' munchkins. Since my husband is away for six month and he only comes back on February or March next year, So I'm left alone to do all the listing and all the booking things. Ow my! mcm xpercaya lah kan hubby nak bawak jenjalan, since he said..""sorry yang,I didn't spend much time with you and Aulia' so I've planned to bring u jalan-jalan next year,But I'll let you choose which place you want to go..I already ask the our travel agent to send the quotation and email it to you.."" ..and I was like Yes!yes!yes! Ssssronooknyee dpt jalan..because my colleague at the office already booked dates for holiday vacation, and  I je yang x book any date for next year. Boleh?Mak jeles! goes my listing..

Hubby, if you read this..I wish to go here...

And here...

owh ni pon okay...

Lagi best kalau bawak pegi sini...

Wahh mak! macam-macam tempat nak pegi..bole?
Well, I have a confession to made. Sometimes I get numb and insensitive when repeating my daily routine over and over again.. This sweet promises of my husband for a family vacation getaway is perfect to clear things out of my mind..

Well, in my case, my world has been changed upside down since hubby left for his job be frank, its kinda tiring and weekdays can be so awful..Don't lose hope! Guess this is going to be a super tough war.. Everyone needs a break,so do I...

*Hati Berbunga-Bunga nak pegi holiday..Wink!wink!*

xoxo ShemaAulia'

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Think Pink this October!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Did you know that breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that affects women, next to skin cancer? The World Health Organization estimates that more than 500,000 women worldwide die every year due to breast cancer, and 69% of these deaths happen in developing countries, where treatment for this for of cancer is both expensive and scare.

Early detection of breast cancer can save lives, and provides researchers with valuable data on fighting the disease. Numerous International charities and organizations also hold events during this month to raise funds for breast cancer research. Please visit and for more information and further assistance.

You can take part in any number of fundraisers or walk-a-thons held during this month, or donate money to breast cancer research. However, giving is not the only thing you can do. Read up about breast cancer, and maybe talk with your family and friends about it to raise awareness about the disease. Encourage them to go for regular check-ups. Most incidents of breast cancer are often not detected until it's too late, so regular scans can make a huge difference.

In supporting the International Breast Cancer Awareness month,

xoxo ShemaAulia'
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