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Life isn't easy for a 'single mother'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Sometimes there are circumstances that arise in which a married couple will find themselves having to be separated for long period of time, at least geographically. Hafizzudin went for outstation for 6 months, starting from this month until February next year...

Well, he have been married for almost two years, and this is the first time that he leaving me and Aulia' for his job assignments..This is not very easy at all..


The night before he went, we do chit chatting a lot..we haven't sleep the whole night! Talking about those days when we were not yet married..on how we survived the long distance relationship..Yep! that was easy! I'm in the same industry, so a double dose of understanding. Someday, I'll quit my job and go hang with him all the time. We'd probably kill each other. But, honestly it's different for different people. I know from his actions being apart that he will always thinking about me and cares about me and Aulia'. Since we've been married, we talked a lot..and laugh a lot..Without laughing this would be very very hard.

*'Single Mother'*

Being a mother + long distance marriage or even being alone/single + long distance marriage both isn't easy.. but it is harder if you are a mother..caring a child alone by yourself is really tough enough. Some of my friend says they really respect people who can survived P.J.J (Perkahwinan Jarak Jauh)...or I can say Long Distance Marriage. Yep! To maintain this relationship also isn't easy. That's the other matter. Being a 'single mother' is also challenging..The first day when I was left alone with Aulia', I have to woke up very early in the morning, not because of the house chores but I have to rush to work. . Imagine, to travel from  Langat to Phileo 2 is really pushing my guts to stay cool in the massive traffic jam. So I really have to come out early in the morning and send Aulia' to the nursery. and pity my child that I have to left her damn so early! And I even came back late from work! Arrhh... pity my child! Sometimes its happen that when I went to work, Aulia' is still sleeping, and when I came back, she already slept. Do you know how does it that feels? Its like I'm a terrible mother..*tears*

*Constant Communication*

My husband, the romantic. It can be tough not having him home most of this time. I like having him home. I mean, I married the man after all. Last night he called and lodge a complaint.."You didn't text me the whole day today"..and I was like "Huu.. Sorry I was so busy, I had meeting the whole day, that's why.." and the conversation ended up like that..he knew that I am busy working mum + have to take care of Aulia', I almost died in a plague and no one here feels sorry for me. My life dude, it is hard..

Well, my life isn't hard..My husband's life on the other hand seems unbearably cruel to me. He' separated from the people he most loves in this world so that he can provide for us, myself and Aulia', and for our collective futures. He works unending hours at the construction site, surrounded by other people who are in the same situations, all of them trying to cobble some sense of family together while separated from their loved ones.

And..I don't spend enough time thanking him for that..

So the next day, I called him and says that I promised to call him every day..
There are benefits to having an absentee husband. You'll know that he's missing you and that's make your both love become even stronger!

Still, come home soon my husband...Aulia' is starting to asking about you..


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