Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nur Haninda Aulia' turns ONE!

Today my Aulia' turned ONE! I realized yesterday that I haven't done any preparation or thinking about this event, probably because I haven't wanted it to happen or maybe because its in Ramadhan month.. She weaned herself quite abruptly a couple of week ago, as if to accentuate the point. No birthday party, No big cake..

However,I'm a little glad that I survived the first year myself without collapsing in a heap. It's been wonderful having a little one, but hard work caring for a baby with never ending job, house chores etc..

One of the upsides of the sudden weaning is that we're getting a little more sleep around here (for now, anyway!), so that's something to be thankful as well..

Having a daughter means...Seeing a thousand rainbows every day,A thousand occasions of sweet hurray,A thousand sweet dreams every night,And a thousand reasons to laugh and smile!Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart!


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