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The Overdue Updates!

Assalamualaikum W.b.t.. It has been a while since I update my blog..Things were hectic, I couldn't find enough time to update my blog since last year..Yeah it sound lame but hey, that's the honest poor, poor neglected blog, I know..I know.. Anyway, where to begin? Okie, lemme scribble on things as and when I remember it.. I got new job since I left still working but with different company, a public listed one in the first Malaysian Board..A lot of things happened for the past six months..I've been very busy with house chores, family and new baby in the house. Thinking back,  banyak betul drama  had happened..There were good moments & bad moments, all makes it more interesting.. Now that I have a new job..that's pay me grand bucks worth for 5 years working experience and a Master Degree qualification! Call me dramatic, my eye actually welled-up a bit! I'm actually enjoying being back at work after the confinement period of 2