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The day Nur Haninda Aulia' was born

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

On August 13th 2011 was the day I woke up with these strange feeling. It was Sahur time when I realize I had a palm-like water at my pajama I was wearing. It wasn't painful but it was different.

My baby's due date was August 27th so I'm pretty close to the date. But hubby had to work that day so I just decided to wait for him until Berbuka time. Pretty amazing I'm fasting on that day.

So on the night after breakfast, we went to the hospital and they said "Yep,you're in Labor!". But they need to observe the cardiotocograph chart and scan for any liquor leaking.

So on the early morning of August 14th 2011, I remember it clearly when the doctor said my amniotic sac leaked for more than 24 baby might be in danger and need to undergo a surgery. It went pretty fast..and hubby look so panic more than I do. Rase bersalah sebab pegi office jugak bila dah tau bini nak beranak!

The doctor on duty was my old friend at school. Dr.Ida Julaili -she was the one who explaining all the operation procedures while the nurses take place to change my clothes and attach all tubes to my body.

That then I was so panic when they brought me to the labor room. I really have no ideas whether I can make it or not. That was the only chances I can seek forgiveness from hubby and everyone.Tears! The surgery wasn't so easy for me as I had twice injection at the spinal! Ida hold my hand just to make sure that I'm conscious during the operation.

I did it all on Lower Segment Cesarean and by 1.20 p.m. Nur Haninda Aulia' was born. At 2.43 kg she was just the right weight. Everything went wonderfully.She was this little amazing girl with thick hair and dark brown eyes. It was a great day,all praise to Allah. 

I remember I was so hungry about 6 hours after I delivered her because they couldn't let me eat all day. That night went pretty good. She slept well enough to get some rest. But we had to stay few more days and nights in the hospital  so the next night was trouble. It was a crazy thunderstorm so all you heard was thunder and lightning flashes through the window. The spine pain start to appear. 

But Aulia' was a good girl. She slept beautifully and really give me a relief for having a good rest.

 My dearest Nur Haninda Aulia' Binti Mohamad Hafizzudin was born on 14th August 2011 @ 14 Ramadhan 1432 Hijrah,  1.20 p.m. on Sunday via Lower Segment Cesarean Section. Ibu & papa loves You! we hope we can make it to educate you well and be a truly Muslimah. We pray for you every single day and night!


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