Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aulia' 1st SYAWAL

My little Aulia' is celebrating her 1st Syawal at Hulu Langat, Ampang. Since I'm still in my confinement mode, we are not going anywhere and just waiting for our relatives and friends to come and visit us. Since Aulia' is a newborn cute little girl, she earns a lot of Hari Raya Angpow, which will be her future saving.

Aulia' was wearing cute pink dress, while papa and Ibu wearing gray matching traditional outfit...

Since this is the first time I'm getting new dress Raya for Aulia'..let me share this website where I bought the dress..love the designs + SazzyF pon beli baju #imanlilytiararose kat sini jugak...*wink:)

My Little Family:)

xoxo ShemaAulia'


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