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Gaining Weight!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Every single night being a very shiny, bright day for my baby in my tummy.An exhausted night for us, a sunny day for her. I just assume it is a 'her', a mum's guts-feel i guess. Feel her kicking hardly only get my eyes stare as she make fishy moves in the tummy. Indeed,its amazing! The one that can not be experience by Mr.Hubby even the size is about the same. LoL! Today, which exactly 7 weeks pregnant,which almost 6 months and 3 weeks gained me 6 kilos extra right after the day one of my pregnancy. I think that's A LOT! No wonder I heat like a hungry tiger. Oh ya! I think most probably I would be in the hospital on this coming Raya.I just don't know that yet but I'm pretty sure the delivery date is closer to Hari Raya. So no Hari Raya dresses, no Rendang, no Ketupat.. I better eat everything that I can before I can't. Here I go,,eating like a hungry tiger again! Be good to ibu my baby girl!