Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Aaaaahhh! Perfect weather, perfect beach, perfect everything....honeymoon was in Phuket and let me tell u this, if ever you want to go there with your loved one, make sure you both are completely in love with each other... cos there's not much to do! unless you love suntanning and eating the whole time which is what I absolutely adore doing. Food was scrumptious....absolutely delicious. Especially the TOMYAM. Oh!It make me fainted eating it!

We had a great hunnymoon package deal in Baumanburi and were extremely spoiled the whole time we were there.
Baumanburi Phuket was gojes and smaller than I thought it would be. Breakfast was always delicious...It was the usual breakfast buffet that hotels serve. Scrambled eggs, has browns, toast, omelettes, juices and fruits...u get the idea. we were so stuffed each time after breakfast that lunch ruled out everytime. But when dinner came, we were ready to eat a Horse!!

We did enjoyed the hunnymoon trip as we went with Hafiz's best-est friends. They get married on the same date with us! Aswad &Awien.. these two creatures were hectic & funny. Love to see them around...
We had the elephant ride at Kinnaree and had a cute wedding gift. Taking pictures was so constantly the whole time I was there. The tourist guide there probably thought I was a lil' nut but obviously chose not to say anything. Anyway, the main reason of the whole taking-picture-of-ourself things was to put all on FB so that I could remember our hunnymoon trip..yelah manede mase nk g print  all the pictures and letak dlm album..

We went for snorkeling, yeah like for the 1st time ever in my life! The fish therapy in the open sea was SO amazing and we did enjoyed ourself like crazy!

The spa is absolutely out of this world but extremely expensive! haha yeah, when it been counted in Thai Bhatt it goes like 1000 Bhat, but actually its only RM100 for both of us..crazy! So since I was already enjoying living lavishly, I thought "why the hell not?..I'm on my hunnymoon"

All and all,,it was an amazing and beautiful honeymoon and I couldn't ask for more:)

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Day I'm Getting Married

When i wake up and realize that today is the day, i might feel overwhelmed.. What lies ahead today is a unique day, a wonderful day, a day full of love, affirmation and care. This is the day when the most important person in my life will pledge to love and honor me forever. In sya Allah..

<Solemnization 27th NOVEMBER 2010-11.30am>

This is the moment where I believe would bond me and Hafiz together forever.
We've been so-called bonded as Husband & Wife with a single lafaz of Nikah at 11.30am at Al-Imam As-Shafie Mosque, Kuala Lumpur. The moment that would make me cried. I've been accompanied with families, siblings, best friends and of course, my in-laws!

To my Dear husband, Mohamad Hafizzudin Nordin,

By getting married, you're not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days, your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friends. She will share your moments, your days and your years. She will share your your joys and sorrows, your success and failure, your dreams and your fears. When u ill, she will take the best care of you, when you need help, she will do all she can for you..AND I PROMISED U..I WILL,,IN SYA ALLAH MY DEAR!

The best description that I personally have ever read describing th closeness of the spouses to each other is the Qur'anic verse which says: "they are your garments and you're their garments" (Surah Al-Baqarah,2:187)

And so... we continues with our wedding reception in Ampang on the 28th of November

Ampang wedding reception
Majlis Persandingan Ipoh
and in Ipoh on the 5th of December 2010....

Alhamdulillah, everything went very well on the both side and I'm glad I'm a WIFE now!!
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