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Jeju Island Vacay

Assalammualaikum wbt..
I guess I haven't shared our trip to Jeju Island, South Korea on August last year. This was Hans' first overseas journey and he was 7 months old at that time. The flight took us 6 hours and I have been dreaded that he will be in his 'good behavior' along the way to Jeju Island. Travelling with a baby on a plane who are such energetic, not to mention emotionally labile pint-sized little people can be exhausting. I've taken my daughter everywhere and the thought of giving up travelling for the sake of a long flight with a very energetic toddler and now with a baby are not an option. The end reward of a new destination is what it's all about!
As a family, we have so many fond memories of our little ones experiencing new sights, smells and sounds in a foreign country, making it totally worth every minute on a flight. So with all the positive vibes in the world, I have tackled the best way to execute the task head on! I packed so many foods f…
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Hans Turns One!

If this white screen were a piece of paper, it would have wet wrinkly puddles of tears on it. I don't feel like there are any other words to describe how this past year has made me feel.  Our baby boy turns one in January. My heart just keep exploding with firework everytime he smiles and his mischievous eyes twinkle. Even in the wee hours of the night, when I'm sleep deprived and cranky, I have nothing but love in my heart for this little human. I'll stop with the love-gushing for now, and go onto another fun topic. We celebrated Hans birthday yesterday (belated one month). Kakak Aulia' made pinata for her little brother and we got him balloons and a birthday cake. It was a simple birthday celebration just the four of us. I'm beyond happy!

Hans is such a happy little boy with an active little mind. He's determined and strong. He's been walking for 3 months now, and wants to get into everything. He loves to kiss his sister (and pulling hairs!) and loves to…

A's first day in Primary School [Standard 2]

We wished school holiday wouldn't come to an end, but before we knew it, the first day of school had arrived! Aulia' first day of school was yesterday. She went to Standard 2 this year and I took one whole day leave to accompany her from the religious school (KAFA)  to National school. Last year she went all alone without us to Standard 1 and that's break my heart. Lucky our parents could send her to her very first 'big school'. This year, we have a one year old boy and her standard two sister! This mama can't figure out HOW her kids grew up so fast!

This year brought so many changes for Aulia' and Hans. Surprisingly, they adjusted well to all the changes. I can't honestly say that I love our new normal, but it's a work in progress!

Aulia' started Standard 2 this year, which just seems crazy to even say. We both have to wake up over a full hour earlier than everyone else, while it's still dark outside. My alarm goes off at 6, her alarm goes…